Eddie Karst

GPA: 4.18

Volunteer Service/Activities: First Broad Street United Methodist Church Youth Mission Trip to John’s Island S.C. June 2014

Clubs/Honors: Beta Club, Student Council

Class of 2016

2014 High School Scoring Average: 72.20

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 155 lbs

School: Doybns-Bennett High School

Grade Level: 11

You know, a person would never know that Eddie Karst was in the room but MAN he let's his clubs do the talking! Eddie is a outstanding iron player and a very accurate driver of the golf ball. Eddie is a leader on and off the golf course. He is an amazing student and really has his priorities in order. Eddie loves to work on his game and will be a great addition to any college team! I know we will be following Eddie on the tour one day.

Currently, we are working on his wedge play and course management. Eddie is very accurate off the tee and once he starts hitting his approach shots closer, he will be a dominating player.

1. Obtain a division 1 scholarship
2. Win the Tennessee State Junior
3. Qualify for the USGA Junior Amateur Championship
4. Win the TSSAA High School state championship
5. Win the East Tennessee Amatuer Championship


Schedule / Results:

Individual Tournaments 2014:
East Tennessee Amateur: 77-72-71, Top 20
65th Ridgefields Invitational: 67-70-68, Champion (Youngest in history to win)
U.S. Kids Teen World: 72-73-80, 9th Place
TGA at River Islands: 74-69, 3rd Place
TGA at Blackthorn Club, 76-76, Champion
TC PGA Jr. Amateur at the Virginian: 73, 4th Place
Ashworth Elite at Sevierville GC: 72-72, 2nd Place
USGA Jr. Amateur Qualifier: 73-77, Top 20

School Tournaments 2014:
Baylor Preview/Matt Cunningham: 70-70, 3rd Place
Crossville Invitational: 67, Champion
District Tournament: 68, Champion
Regional Tournament: 72, 5th Place
State Tournament: 76-70, top 20