Hunter Cagle

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 140 lbs

School: Dobyns-Bennett High School

Grade Level: 10

There is no doubt that Hunter is one of my hardest workers. He's a baseball transfer and relatively new to competitive golf. I can tell at each lesson that Hunter spends hours of practice on his own. Hunter is a great athlete and his driving is his strongest attribute. To be small in stature, Hunter creates a ton of club head speed and drives the ball long and straight. There is no doubt that Hunters goals will be met and his golfing dreams will come true.

Currently, we are working on transitioning hunters swing from baseball to golf. Being athletic, Hunter creates a lot of power and speed in his swing and right now we are working in harnessing this power and speed into a more controlled swing.

1. Obtain a division 1 scholarship
2. Be an impact player on the high school team
3. Qualify for the Tennessee State Junior
4. Be ranked in the top five in the TGA rankings
5. Have a scoring average of 75 or lower within a year.


Schedule / Results: