Jacob Turner

Class of 2016

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 150 lbs

School: Science Hill High School

Grade Level: 11

Pound for pound, Jacob drives the ball further and straighter than any player I teach! Also, he is a range rat who loves to practice and improve. His desire to be the best is amazing and his passion for playing at a very high level is second to none. Jake is grounded in his faith, an outstanding student and a true leader in the classroom and on the golf course! As you can see by his video, his swing is very solid and fundamentally sound.

Currently, we are working on Jacobs decision making, and course management. I honestly think that when Jake learns to "get out of his own way" a little, he will dominate this game. It's crazy how much talent this kids got!

1. Obtain a division 1 scholarship.
2. Qualify for the USGA Junior Amateur Championship
3. Win theTennessee State Junior Championship
4. Lead his high school team to a state title
5. Be ranked #1 in the state TGA rankings


Schedule / Results: