Kyle Price

GPA: 3.85

Class of 2019

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 145

School: Cherokee High School

Grade Level: 9

Kyle's strengths include chipping and his short irons. Kyle is a good overall driver of the golf ball off the tee as well. Kyle's main strength however is his attitude and his desire to improve is enormous. This mentality is going to take him a long way.
-Justin Harvey

Currently we are working on Kyle becoming a more consistent striker of the golf ball, especially with his longer irons. Also I am pushing him on the green to make a higher percentage of putts.
-Justin Harvey


Short Term:
1. Make the Cherokee Men's Golf Team
2. Be stronger in all subjects especially Math
3. Be able to break par
4. Be medalist in a high school match
5. Help the Cherokee Men's Team to qualify for the state tournament

Long Term:
1. Compete and win nationally ranked tournaments
2. Obtain a D-I or D-II Scholarship to play golf
3. Graduate with a 4.0 GPA in high school
4. Have the opportunity to play golf professionally


Schedule / Results:
Kyle is planning on playing in the Hawkins County Junior Series at McDonald Hills, Summer 2015.